Permitted Levels Of Co2

The emission and storage of Co2 is a most significant risk to the environment, and it can result in various issues. There are certain comfort levels for the discharge of Co2 gas in the atmosphere. The indoor air quality is significantly affected by the emission of Co2 gas. There are several other factors which affect the quality of the air indoors. People exhale co2, and thus the levels of the gas would be predictable indoors. The concentration of Co2 indoors would represent the quality of air. The article below lists some of the permitted Co2 levels.
The permitted Co2 levels in a fresh supply of air are correlated. It is said that for 15cfm ventilation rate the authorized Co2 level is 1000 ppm and for 20cfm ventilation rate, the permitted Co2 level 800ppm.
The normal Co2 levels at outdoors is about 350-450 ppm. The generally acceptable level of Co2 is <600ppm. People may experience problems and complaints of odor when the concentration of Co2 is between 660ppm-1000ppm. The Co2 levels may cause drowsiness when its levels increase to more than 1000ppm. The Co2 levels can cause serious health problems when the concentration is in between 2500-5000ppm. For an eight hour working period, the permitted normal levels of Co2 is 5000-10000 ppm. The levels mentioned above are normal levels of Co2. It is crucial that the co2 concentration is maintained less than 1000ppm so that the indoor air quality is good and acceptable.

You might experience breathing problems, intoxicating issues, pulse rate rising when the Co2 level is in between 30000-40000 ppm. You might experience a headache and suffer from impairment when the Co2 levels reach 50000ppm. When the levels increase to more than 100000 ppm, then there are chances of death.
There are several reasons for the increase in the concentration of Co2 levels in the atmosphere. The emission of Co2 increased with the production of fossil fuel. The change in the use of soil and plant can also increase the Co2 levels of the atmosphere. It is said that the two third of the Co2 emission is mainly from the fossil fuel and the remaining due to the change in the use of land. Nearly 45% of the Co2 is in the atmosphere, and the remaining is taken up by the ocean and terrestrial biosphere. It is said that the Co2 levels in the atmosphere may affect climatic conditions can cause several changes in the climate.
The climatic change is an urgent issue which should be addressed so that the concentration levels of Co2 should be maintained to a safe level. There are four standard levels of carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere.
280ppm: This is the pre-industrial concentration of Co2 levels in the atmosphere.
400ppm: This is the standard carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere that has increased due to the industrial revolution, and this increases the global temperature of the atmosphere. Thus currently we are experiencing several changes in the weather which includes extreme climatic conditions. Scientists describe them as climate destabilization. It is said even though the decrease in the emission of Co2 levels now would affect the climate to a certain extent.
450ppm: This is the high-risk Co2 concentration level which should be considered with great caution. It is possible to stabilize the environment with the decrease in the emission and use of Co2 gas in the coming years. But it is said that the current rate of fossil fuel usage indicates that the Co2 concentration would exceed the limit of 450ppm in the year 2032.

350 ppm: Scientists are not ready to take up risk regarding global warming and the climatic changes related to it. They say that a 2 degree Celsius of global warming can result in disastrous consequences. Thus it is necessary to reduce the emission of Co2 gas and maintain its concentration level up to 350 ppm which is entirely safe, and it does not cause any harm to the environment. This would help to restore the balance of the earth’s energy.
Political leadership and strict regulations can help in maintaining the concentration of the Co2 levels to be less than 350ppm. Climate change will be the biggest threat of the humanity if the concentration of the Co2 levels continues to increase.

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